The origin of the creation of our Okene therapeutic sleepsuit is, for us, a very special and at the same time very personal story.

We are Alejandro and Dámaris, a young couple who had our first child, Eneko, on November 5th 2013. As new parents we suffered from Eneko’s continuous crying during his first weeks of life due to what is known as colic, which is a common problem in these early months, and is characterised by intense and continuous crying without obvious cause (although most studies incline towards wind).

Faced with the desperation of our baby and exhausted by the situation, we drew up a clear objective: find a solution that would calm and relieve his symptoms but which would require the use of no medication. Thanks to the invaluable help and experience of our friends and family, we quickly found a solution, and we turned this into a product that could help other parents and, above all, allow us to offer relief to other babies with the same problem.

There are a multitude of options on the market to choose from, above all pharmaceutical products. However the option that was best adapted to our baby was the natural remedy that Ana, his paternal grandmother, offered: she recommended the use of natural seeds as an infallible remedy to alleviate the colic, as well as the use of hot water bottles.

After several successful applications we noticed a big improvement, so we began to think about what would be the most comfortable way to apply these seeds, for both Eneko and us. And then we came up with the idea! Given that the items of clothing used by babies everyday in their first months of life are bodysuits and sleepsuits, we decided to create a sleepsuit that, thanks to its innovative, practical and simple design, allows the seeds to be held over the baby’s abdomen to ensure the correct application of the product.

So we designed a sleepsuit which has a compartment in the abdominal area in which to place the pack of seeds and allow their constant application. Thanks to this simple but practical design, combined with the positioning of the baby in specific postures, we achieved effective results without the use of any medication or mainstream medical therapy. Finally, in honour of our little one, we came up with the name of the brand starting from an anagram of Eneko, Okene.

Since the moment found the solution to Eneko’s problem we have been very happy parents. What is more, even though our family has grown with the arrival of Marco, Eneko’s little brother, we haven’t had to worry about colic again.

Marco has proved a wonderful model for all our sleepsuits and has enabled us to consolidate and advance the design of all our products. So it could be said that our children have made this solution a reality as both inventors and testers of our family invention.

Our little family would like to help other families alleviate the pain of their little ones without having to take recourse to any traditional medical remedies.

Okene is a therapeutic product which is enormously convenient and easy to use, and even more importantly, offers a natural alternative for all babies that suffer from colic… and for all those parents who, like us, suffer along with them.


The Okene therapeutic sleepsuit is a completely natural product. Its component parts are very durable and quick and easy to use. What is more, it differs from other similar products in the baby care market because it offers a continuous effect due to the fact that the heat is held over the baby’s abdominal region throughout the recommended time of application.

The design is based on the benefits of natural therapies, such as thermotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine and aromatherapy, therefore avoiding the use of conventional medication.

Thermotherapy is an ancient technique that is characterized by its analgesic and antispasmodic effects. Nowadays it is a discipline within physiotherapy which is based on the application of heat to achieve therapeutic effects, principally for the relieving of pain. The effect produced by the heat will depend on the temperature of the tissues being treated. Numerous studies show that to achieve therapeutic analgesic results, the temperature must be slightly higher than the usual temperature of the human body. That is to say, slight heat has sedative effects on nerve endings, whereas intense heat produces irritant effects.

The Okene sleepsuit achieves the benefits of thermotherapy by means of a small pack which, once warmed, is placed in the front pocket of the sleepsuit where it applies a slight but prolonged warmth over the baby’s abdomen to help alleviate the pain. These packs can be made of gel or of seeds which have special properties.

The seeds have a very hard outer layer which keeps them in a good state of conservation and which prolongs the retention of heat. In addition, the size and the weight are adapted to the baby’s needs to provide a pleasant and calming experience.

This heat, applied to the baby’s abdominal area, increases the blood circulation by means of vasodilation and regulates energy flow in the intestines, because it stimulates local acupuncture points (Ren-12, ST-25 y Ren-6). According to traditional Chinese medicine, the Ren-12 point controls the function of the stomach and spleen, ST-25 stimulates the function of the large intestine and eliminates the retention of food and, lastly the Ren-6 point mobilizes the energetic blockage in the intestine; in this way, the warm pack on the baby’s abdomen works on the points that are essential to contribute to mitigating the discomfort caused by colic.

Aromatherapy is a branch of alternative medicine which focuses on the therapeutic effects of essential oils on the organism. The effects of scent on the human mind can be very varied: relaxing, balancing, stimulant, anti-depressive, etc. For this reason this technique offers a complement to help treat the different problems that the baby may suffer, such as insomnia, anxiety, pain, and of course, colic.

The Okene sleepsuit also strengthens the benefits of aromatherapy because the seed packs are scented with lavender, an essence that is characterized by its calming properties.

Organic Range

Within the variety of Okene sleepsuits that we offer our clients is the organic range. In this case, the organic Okene sleepsuit is made from 100% organic cotton which has been organically dyed. This is the distinguishing feature of “eco” garments: that is to say, throughout the process of cultivation, manufacture and production, no chemical or synthetic products are used. Indeed, it is particularly recommended for babies who suffer from allergies or other skin problems.



The Okene sleepsuit is the first garment designed to help in relieving colic in a breastfed baby.

The Okene therapeutic sleepsuit is both easy to use and completely natural. It has a small packet of organic seeds or a gel pack that, once heated, is placed into the front pocket of the sleepsuits, in such a way that it is held over the baby’s abdominal area. This is the zone where the acupuncture points that balance the flow of energy in the abdomen are located (Ren-12, Ren-6 and ST-25) that balance and therefore help to relieve colic in the breastfed baby.

You can consult the Benefits of the Okene sleepsuit section to find out more information about the the effects of the Okene therapeutic sleepsuit.

Colic in breastfed babies and its possible causes.

Colic is a common disorder in the first few months of life of the breastfed baby, and is characterized by intense and prolonged crying for no apparent reason. Many babies are affected by this problem; according to statistics, more than 40% of babies between 0 and six months suffer from it.

Numerous studies have been carried out with the aim of determining the cause of the problem, however a specific and definitive cause has still not been determined. Much of the research coincides in pointing to wind as being the main cause, and indicate different conditions which could cause difficulties in the baby’s digestion and provoke colic. These include, for example, certain elements that reach the baby through breast milk (caffeine, nuts, carbonated drinks, food additives, etc.) or feeding too quickly (in less than 20 minutes) or too frequently, which produces stagnation in the stomach and intestines. Another thing that can influence proper digestion in the baby is the exposure to certain environmental stimulants, such as cold, noise or radiation from technological equipment. There are also studies that highlight the fact that certain medical treatments, such as taking antibiotics, can cause colic in babies.

On the other hand, there are other theories that relate colic to the traumatic experiences of the mother during pregnancy or the complications experienced during childbirth. In this case it is understood that the baby also assimilates these experiences and it is the emotional trauma suffered by the baby that causes the colic.